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About Christine

I'm Christine and I'm the owner of The Writers' Lounge. I am a published writer and author. I work as a freelance writer and editor, and my career entails writing poetry, articles, web content, blog posts, book reviews, sales letters, professional emails, resumes, and cover letters. Also, I have self-published three books.

When I started this website in 2008, I was an English student and aspiring professional writer. I wanted a place where writers could get together, discuss writing, make friends, and be there for each other as they worked on accomplishing their writing goals.

Four years after starting this site, I've personally accomplished some of my writing and publishing goals. I have published, online, 82 articles and poems and 33 blog posts, and I have completed 45 ghostwriting assignments. I hope to share my knowledge with you so that you, too, can get published and make your writing dreams come true!

About Charlene

My name is Charlene. I have been writing since I can remember. I have experience in editing, and transcribing web and pod cast content, and have won awards for my poetry. My work has been published in Anthologies, on the Web, and have my first book of poetry, It's Only Natural out as an epub. I hold a number of AAS degrees in Business & Technology, a BA in English: Literature & Culture, and an MA in English: Creative Writing. I’m a freelance writer and editor and practice my skills at every given chance. I write fiction, fantasy, poetry, and nonfiction. Being a successful published author has always been my dream. I am the creator and owner of the Mental Illumination website, and the Administrator for my good friend Christine’s The Writers' Lounge.

Mental Illumination is a creative website that showcases artwork and written expression by myself. The site has a blog, artwork, links, and academic writing. Christine recommends the site, "for a journey into a world of creativity and introspection. Check it out for yourself; you will surely be impressed!"

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