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Hello, fellow writers!  I'm so glad you made it. Welcome to The Writers' Lounge. The purpose of this website is to give writers a place to discuss and gain information about writing, publication, books, school, ideas, and aspirations, with other writers and authors.

Yes, I called you a writer. If you write regularly because you enjoy it, you are a writer. You don't need to be published, and you don't need to be great at writing. So, I advise you get used to calling yourself a "writer." That is, if writing is your passion. And since you are here, I'm sure it is.

This website is for aspiring writers and authors, those who want to learn about writing and publishing, and writers who want to be published. It is also for published writers and authors who wish to improve their skills, obtain information, and flourish their career.

There is abundant information here for your writing and publishing needs. There are links to helpful websites for writers, lists of illustrators and agents, and discussion opportunities (in the blog and forum) to learn from each other.

I graciously want to welcome you to the "haven for ALL writers" and invite you to browse the website, get involved, and get ready to make your writing dreams a reality!

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